31 March 2014

Addicted to Tumblr! xoxo

Hey Lovelies!

I am new to Tumblr and i'm slightly addicted lol. I use Tumblr as a way of gaining inspiration and ideas. Here are some of my favourite Tumblr images.
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Genie xo

30 March 2014

Fashion Illustrations & Samples (Haute Couture)

Hey Beauties x

Along with my final piece, which was my Haute Couture inspired dress, i had to create some initial design ideas, fashion illustrations and samples to show my ideas and thought process when creating the garment. They had to be more 'catwalk' than 'high street' fashion, so something that you would more see on the runway rather than in the shops.

Experimental Fashion Illustrations

I created some experimental illustrations which was more of 3D, textured pieces of work; for example, manipulating, folding and tearing paper with my print on and using masking tape (which i printed on top of) and folding and layering it in different ways. My samples included the printed masking tape, manipulating my print on fabric by creating ripples and ruffles, and also reverse applique. This shows more of an experimental approach and that i have developed my ideas in a variety of ways.

Fashion Illustrations

These are my normal illustrations where i have simply drawn, coloured and also cut out some of the prints and layered on top of the drawing. Along with these, you can see more samples which are just the prints alone on the fabric (with no manipulation). Also another sample with the printed tape, but in a more structured form as i followed the lines from my print layered behind it. And last an image of my final piece.

Genie xo

My Latest Creation...

Hey Dolls!

This is the latest garment i have constructed, which is a Haute Couture inspired dress for my A2 Coursework (i study A-Level Fashion Textiles). My theme for my independent design project was Haute Couture, which is French for 'high fashion', 'high sewing' or 'high dressmaking'. I chose this as I love the elegant, elaborated garments; whether they were draped, printed on and/or embellished; and long periods of time were spent on creating these garments as they were all hand sewn, each individual beading was hand stitched; and this really caught my attention.

I decided to focus on fabric manipulation and print. My aim was to research and explore Haute Couture in terms of shape and manipulation of the fabrics and designs. I created all the prints/patterns and manipulated the dress in terms of making ruffles, fills and weaving. I did not use a pattern piece for this, i done everything on the mannequin (and me) lol. I wanted the dress to be poofy, big, and have some type of structure to it, with lots of layers and ruffles. The prints and colours also clash, which gives the appearance of a lot going on. I have an A3 and A5 sketchbook that goes with my project.


Caught Fixing My Hair lol :-)

I took pictures of me modelling the dress and also on the mannequin in the photography studio. I wanted to have variation and to see what the garment would look like when it falls on the body, and also have it on the mannequin to see the difference.

Genie xo

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