18 April 2014

My Hair Care Routine/Regimen

Hey Loves x
Hope your all well :-)

I get a lot of questions about my hair on a regular basis, so i thought i'd start to share my experiences, knowledge and tips. This is my hair routine; what i do on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis. In order to have and maintain healthy hair, ONE of the things you need to do is come up with a routine that works for you. When i talk about hair, it will be referencing my hair in general, the type of hair i have and the stuff i have gone through. Everyone's hair type is completely different and this is just what works for me.

My hair is relaxed (if you didn't know), and it has definitely been a journey for me, because iv'e realised you need to know your stuff, do your research and know what your doing and it took me years to figure out what i was doing right and wrong. I have 2 Sisters, they both have relaxed hair too; my oldest Sister, her hair is down to her back, literally. She has gone through many experiences too and has passed her knowledge down to me. I SELF RELAX, meaning i relax my own hair *dances* lol yes i feel that is an achievement. My big Sister taught me, i do not go to the hair dressers! When people say "Black people's hair cant grow" its just ignorance, as many people have proved that it can grow, and i have seen it within my family. Relaxed hair needs to be taken care of properly, as it's already being chemically processed and manipulated with products, so you cant just relax your hair and leave it expecting it to take care of itself! This goes with any type of hair! That is many peoples mistake and they are wondering why their hair cant grow? Your hair will grow if its healthy. Don't get me wrong, i'm not saying my hair is perfect, but its healthy and i can retain length, and people literally run down the street to ask me 'what are you doing to your hair', lool no joke. I take care of my hair in the right way and do what works for me, and trust me i'm still learning too! So ill update you as i go along. Well enough of me rambling...

My hair routine has changed throughout the months and years as i found out new and better ways to do things. Currently, my routine is as follows:

Wash 1x
Deep Condition 1x
Blow Dry 1x
Straighten 1x (Every Other Wash Day)
Oil/Massage Scalp - My Caster Oil Mix 1x (Within the 12 Days)

Moisturise & Seal
Wrap Hair With a Silk/Satin Scarf

Protein Treatment 1x

Relax Hair Every 8/9 Weeks
Pre-Poo Every Other Wash Day
Co-Wash Only When Needed
Dust Hair Ends Only When Needed (Maintain)
Trim Hair Only When Needed 

Yes, you need to take out time to care for your hair. But i actually love doing it and love seeing results. The less heat you use, the better the health of your hair will be. I hear people saying they straighten their hair every day...WHAT! That is crazy. As you can see i only blow dry and straighten my hair when i wash it, which is every 12 days; and the straightness of my hair is maintained when i wrap my hair at night. And if it does get poofy throughout the week, the straighteners DO NOT touch my hair again... i leave it and deal with it. What i want to try is AIR DRYING, that would be amazing and i would save so much hair from not blow drying, which means...more thickness! I also want to stretch my relaxer (extending the time to when i get my next relaxer), so ill prob move it up to every 10 weeks. I don't manipulate my hair a lot like putting it in hair bands everyday and slicking it back with gel etc, i mostly leave it down or put it in pony tail or bun, and curl it once in a while. I've never worn weave or extensions in my life. When i leave my hair blow dried its more thicker which i love, but a bit poofy sometimes too, but its better than straightening my hair every time i wash it. I am still going through different experiences right now and have my ups and downs. Health comes before length.

Here are a few picture of me that i took within the last year, where a good amount of my hair is visible and in different styles:

Blow dried Hair. No Make-up *Covers Face* lol
Curled Hair With Straighteners.
Hair in a Bun.

I took some pictures of my hair the other day showing a length check:
(Hair just blow dried, not straightened)


I will also do a post on my current hair products. I hope this was helpful. If you have any questions feel free to ask in the comments below.

Genie xo

17 April 2014

Current Make-up Favourites

Hey Dolls!

I have selected a few of my current favourite make-up products to share. They are more like my everyday products. Some are fairly new purchases and others i have been using for some time and are my go-to products. Most of these can be found in drugstores like Superdrug and Boots.


Maybelline Great Lash Mascara - Blackest Black - £4.99
Maybelline The Colossal Cat Eyes - Glam Black - £7.99
The Colossal Cat Eyes is my favourite mascara, as it has a curved wand it extends my lashes a lot and gives it nice volume with a fanned out look. The great lash mascara is my newly purchase and I've always wanted to try it. It works really well and is great for layering mascaras with, as it separates and extends the lashes. 

Maybelline Baby Lips Balm - Cherry Me - £2.99
Maybelline Baby Lips Balm - Pink Punch - £2.99
I LOVE Baby Lips, i was patiently waiting for them to be released in the UK and i got so excited when they finally arrived. These two colours are my fave as they add a little tint to your lips as well as being moisturising; the pink punch having a pink tint and the cherry me, red. I find it's something quick and easy to apply, its compact and you don't need a mirror for application. So you can have moisturised lips and still look good with a hint if colour.

Maybelline Master Precise Liquid Eyeliner - Black - £5.99
My holy grail eyeliner! I am a fan of winged eyeliner, and this product with the 0.4mm ultra fine tip does the trick perfectly. Don't get me wrong it takes practice to get winged eyeliner on point, and trust me i have had those days where it goes all wrong. But this eyeliner specifically, makes it so much easier to achieve that look, especially as its a felt tip; so if you're a beginner definitely start off with this eyeliner. 

MUA Out There Plumping Lip Gloss - Shocking Pink - £2.00
MUA Out There Plumping Lip Gloss - Buff - £2.00
I love lip gloss and MUA plumping lip glosses are so pigmented i just fell in love instantly and practically bought the whole collection. They have a smooth application and they are long lasting. They are really nice on their own, but i also like to manipulate and layer them over lipsticks to give it that extra pop of colour.

Rimmel Kate Lipstick Lasting Finish - #16 - £5.49
I have started building upon my lipstick collection and this is by far one of my favourites. It's an everyday pinkish coral colour, it doesn't have a shimmer or glitter and it's a semi matte finish. The colour is very buildable and yet can be toned down too. Perfect for the spring and summer.

Sleek Blush - Pixie Pink 936 - £4.49
My love for blushes is just... ahh. They complete the whole look. Sleek blushes are very pigmented and buildable. Pink blushes are my favourite and this colour suits my skin tone very well. It's a Matte blush and it's not as bright as it looks in the packaging, as when you tap off the excess and apply it, it blends smoothly within your skin and is not too bright.

Kiko Laser Nail Lacquer - Strong Chocolate 436 - £1.50
I am in love with this nail polish. The colour is so beautiful as it changes within the light. To me it looks like a gun metal black, however when the light hits  it, it looks like a dark chocolate brown, hence 'strong chocolate' being the name lol, but you also see hints of purple too and different undertones; the shimmers make it look even more pretty. It literally is just an amazing colour, its thick, opaque and it lasts a long time.

Genie xo

4 April 2014

My First Garment.

 Hey Dolls xo

This is a bit of a throwback lol, but this moment in time is very important to me as... i had created my very first garment!!! I made a cropped hoodie in Secondary School (Year 11), so like 15/16 years old; as i was studying Product Design - Textiles. My inspiration came from the Indian culture, and throughout my A3 sketchbook it showed my research, design development and fashion illustrations. The print that i created was based off of Indian prints and patterns. I hand drew my print, manipulated, coloured and created a repeat pattern in Photoshop. I used dye sublimation to transfer the print onto the material and i wanted to use it for the lining of the hoodie. The print was also on the inside of the hood, however i did a reverse applique (cut back) to create texture and more of a thicker lining. This was my first time ever creating an actual print/pattern as well, so i was improving on my Photoshop skills at the time too. I used a pattern piece and made alterations to suit my design ideas. 

I made everything from scratch, and i was so amazed and shocked that i could create something like this; with the different techniques, the print, detailing, zip and the finish, i literally felt so proud. I have always loved fashion from a very young age and knew i wanted a career within it, but from this point i realised i wanted to design and make clothes. That's why this stage in my life is so important to me. I learnt so many knew things and was picking up everything quickly; i learnt how to properly thread and use a sewing machine, over-locker, heat press (to transfer my prints), lazer cutter (not that i used it on my garment lool), i learnt how to pattern cut, and so much more, i was so intrigued with everything and i wanted to keep learning. Some of the stuff i'd never even heard of before, or knew what it did like the over-locker, heat press and lazer cutter. Not to mention i used a digial sewing machine from time to time too, which again was all new to me. I have to shoutout to my teacher Ms Deacon, she taught me so much and she literally was the best, if it wasn't for her then i wouldn't have made this, so thank you. 

So you could see a bit of the process i went through in creating the garment here are a few pictures from my making diary that i had to create: 
(Not all the pics included - Would be here forever lol)
Silk/Satin for my lining and reverse applique

Me :-)

Inside of hood - Stitchwork/Reverse applique
Reverse applique completed
The Back
In the inside of any garment, there is that thick stitch which holds everything together on each panel piece and its neat; that's what the over-locker does. The sewing machine can not do that at all. My hoodie has the over-locking stitch, so it looks nice and professional ;-) Over lockers are like £400...

Body of Hoodie

Me 'modelling' my cropped hoodie (Year 11)

  Finished Hoodie!!!

I also wore it inside out, even though i didn't make it to be worn in reverse. I did this so the pattern is more visible, all my hard work needs to be seen lol. If i did want to wear it like this, i could which shows versatility.

More recently i wanted to take better photos of the hoodie for my portfolio. So the same day my big Sister was modelling my blazer (as you saw in my previous post here, the blazer i made at Fashion Summer School), was the same day i was modelling my hoodie. Kill two birds with one stone aye.

Why Am I In a Tree?

My Big Sis & Me - Blazer & Hoodie
LOOL i loveee this picture.
My brother (who was the photographer) took it when we weren't ready... look at my face hahaha!

I have so much to learn and achieve, and i am just at the start of it.
Hope you enjoyed this post :-) xoxo

2 April 2014

Central Saint Martins Fashion Summer School

Hi Guys :-)

In summer 2013 i got into the two week  PIN SHARP fashion summer school at Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design. There was 3 different courses, Menswear, Knit & Print, and Fashion Communication and Promotion. I was doing the Menswear design course and our theme was 'Workwear'. I selected this course as it would be a new and different experience for me from just doing womenswear all the time. It would add to my existing knowledge of fashion and i would learn new techniques and skills. 

As part of the course everyone had to create a sketchbook and construct a garment. My A3 sketchbook contained research into workwear, a moodboard, a recorded visit to the Design Museum (as we went there as part of our research), collages, quick sketches, drawings and fashion illustrations. As we was looking at workwear, garments included jumpsuits, dungarees, jackets, coats and so forth; and focused on what males were wearing whilst physically working in the mines and construction sites e.t.c. I made a blazer, i wanted to make more of a clean, cut, structured garment that is fitted to the body and 'tailor made' ish rather than the baggy, ripped, distressed type of workwear garment. Obviously it is not specifically tailor made, because bespoke tailoring is a whole complete different course and way of working.

Once we finished constructing our garments, they got photographed by the Fashion Communication and Promotion group. Adam, who is actually a student from the Uni lool, was the model for my blazer and i decided to keep it photographed in the photography studio, rather than outside or anywhere else, to keep the look clean and professional.

As the photos from the studio was high in contrast the detailing of the blazer couldn't been seen properly, like the white stitching on the panels. So i asked my beautiful big Sister to model my blazer for me, and my big Brother was the photographer; i was directing of course :-)
So in these pictures you can see the detailing of the white stitch against the black which shows a nice contrast. Even though its a menswear garment, having my Sister wear the blazer shows versatility and that a female can also wear it when styled accordingly.

Overall i really enjoyed the summer school and i improve on my skills and my existing knowledge of garment construction and so much more. Doing menswear opened my mind to more possibilities in terms of what can be made and even though its a niche market, its very interesting to see the ideas and where inspiration comes from and apply it to menswear designs. 

Genie xo

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