2 April 2014

Central Saint Martins Fashion Summer School

Hi Guys :-)

In summer 2013 i got into the two week  PIN SHARP fashion summer school at Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design. There was 3 different courses, Menswear, Knit & Print, and Fashion Communication and Promotion. I was doing the Menswear design course and our theme was 'Workwear'. I selected this course as it would be a new and different experience for me from just doing womenswear all the time. It would add to my existing knowledge of fashion and i would learn new techniques and skills. 

As part of the course everyone had to create a sketchbook and construct a garment. My A3 sketchbook contained research into workwear, a moodboard, a recorded visit to the Design Museum (as we went there as part of our research), collages, quick sketches, drawings and fashion illustrations. As we was looking at workwear, garments included jumpsuits, dungarees, jackets, coats and so forth; and focused on what males were wearing whilst physically working in the mines and construction sites e.t.c. I made a blazer, i wanted to make more of a clean, cut, structured garment that is fitted to the body and 'tailor made' ish rather than the baggy, ripped, distressed type of workwear garment. Obviously it is not specifically tailor made, because bespoke tailoring is a whole complete different course and way of working.

Once we finished constructing our garments, they got photographed by the Fashion Communication and Promotion group. Adam, who is actually a student from the Uni lool, was the model for my blazer and i decided to keep it photographed in the photography studio, rather than outside or anywhere else, to keep the look clean and professional.

As the photos from the studio was high in contrast the detailing of the blazer couldn't been seen properly, like the white stitching on the panels. So i asked my beautiful big Sister to model my blazer for me, and my big Brother was the photographer; i was directing of course :-)
So in these pictures you can see the detailing of the white stitch against the black which shows a nice contrast. Even though its a menswear garment, having my Sister wear the blazer shows versatility and that a female can also wear it when styled accordingly.

Overall i really enjoyed the summer school and i improve on my skills and my existing knowledge of garment construction and so much more. Doing menswear opened my mind to more possibilities in terms of what can be made and even though its a niche market, its very interesting to see the ideas and where inspiration comes from and apply it to menswear designs. 

Genie xo


  1. Loving the jacket

  2. Hi Eugenie! Thank you for commenting on my blog! I replied to your questions my apologies for taking so long (so busy)! I really like the blazer you designed, I would def. wear it hehe ^^ How did you get into Summer school?


    Ruby H.

    P.s. I am following you now on GFC =)

    1. Thank you! It's okay i understand :-) Loved reading your experiences x
      Haha thanks so much, it means a lot.
      My College Textiles teacher emailed me the application form to sign up. I filled it out and emailed it to the organiser of the Summer School and they got back to me to tell me i got in. :-) xo


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