1 April 2014

Cute Little Sunflower Dress

Hiya :-)

Another one of my creations, which was for my AS Textiles controlled assessment (1st year of College). My design brief was 'A fashion company is looking for designs and garments which are based on sunflowers', so to break it down, my theme was sunflowers lol. Within this project i also had a 5 hour exam where i had to create my final piece, which was a dress. This was my first time constructing a dress, i made everything from scratch and i didn't use a pattern piece. I designed various prints, which was also shown in my A3 sketchbook along with research, recorded visits to museums and exhibitions and much more. Here are some fashion illustrations showing my initial design ideas for my final piece, again not anything that you would see in the high street shops haha. Along with my final piece i also made a ribbon belt to accompany the dress, like a statement piece. The dress looks very 70's/80's because of the print against the yellow fabric. The print is something you would probably see on curtains, cushions, couches or at your grandparents house right?

Fashion Illustrations

Sunflower Dress & Ribbon Belt
Genie xo

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