4 April 2014

My First Garment.

 Hey Dolls xo

This is a bit of a throwback lol, but this moment in time is very important to me as... i had created my very first garment!!! I made a cropped hoodie in Secondary School (Year 11), so like 15/16 years old; as i was studying Product Design - Textiles. My inspiration came from the Indian culture, and throughout my A3 sketchbook it showed my research, design development and fashion illustrations. The print that i created was based off of Indian prints and patterns. I hand drew my print, manipulated, coloured and created a repeat pattern in Photoshop. I used dye sublimation to transfer the print onto the material and i wanted to use it for the lining of the hoodie. The print was also on the inside of the hood, however i did a reverse applique (cut back) to create texture and more of a thicker lining. This was my first time ever creating an actual print/pattern as well, so i was improving on my Photoshop skills at the time too. I used a pattern piece and made alterations to suit my design ideas. 

I made everything from scratch, and i was so amazed and shocked that i could create something like this; with the different techniques, the print, detailing, zip and the finish, i literally felt so proud. I have always loved fashion from a very young age and knew i wanted a career within it, but from this point i realised i wanted to design and make clothes. That's why this stage in my life is so important to me. I learnt so many knew things and was picking up everything quickly; i learnt how to properly thread and use a sewing machine, over-locker, heat press (to transfer my prints), lazer cutter (not that i used it on my garment lool), i learnt how to pattern cut, and so much more, i was so intrigued with everything and i wanted to keep learning. Some of the stuff i'd never even heard of before, or knew what it did like the over-locker, heat press and lazer cutter. Not to mention i used a digial sewing machine from time to time too, which again was all new to me. I have to shoutout to my teacher Ms Deacon, she taught me so much and she literally was the best, if it wasn't for her then i wouldn't have made this, so thank you. 

So you could see a bit of the process i went through in creating the garment here are a few pictures from my making diary that i had to create: 
(Not all the pics included - Would be here forever lol)
Silk/Satin for my lining and reverse applique

Me :-)

Inside of hood - Stitchwork/Reverse applique
Reverse applique completed
The Back
In the inside of any garment, there is that thick stitch which holds everything together on each panel piece and its neat; that's what the over-locker does. The sewing machine can not do that at all. My hoodie has the over-locking stitch, so it looks nice and professional ;-) Over lockers are like £400...

Body of Hoodie

Me 'modelling' my cropped hoodie (Year 11)

  Finished Hoodie!!!

I also wore it inside out, even though i didn't make it to be worn in reverse. I did this so the pattern is more visible, all my hard work needs to be seen lol. If i did want to wear it like this, i could which shows versatility.

More recently i wanted to take better photos of the hoodie for my portfolio. So the same day my big Sister was modelling my blazer (as you saw in my previous post here, the blazer i made at Fashion Summer School), was the same day i was modelling my hoodie. Kill two birds with one stone aye.

Why Am I In a Tree?

My Big Sis & Me - Blazer & Hoodie
LOOL i loveee this picture.
My brother (who was the photographer) took it when we weren't ready... look at my face hahaha!

I have so much to learn and achieve, and i am just at the start of it.
Hope you enjoyed this post :-) xoxo

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