23 May 2014

New In

 Hey Guys x

These are some of my recent purchases, some clothing and some make-up. I work in H&M and because the store is brand new and just opened, all the employers got a 50% discount off 3 items for that week only! H&M being my favourite store i guess you can imagine my excitement. And because its 50% off you would think to pick up the most expensive items right? Wrong lol because for me I would need even more money to do that haha, baring in mind i didn't get paid yet as everyone literally just started working. When i finished work, i was looking around and found myself picking up quite a few clothes to try on, 8 to be specific as you can only take 7 items into the fitting rooms. As i was waiting in line to try them on, i looked at the clothes and noticed every single item in my hand was black!  Not that i even noticed when i was looking around, as i was just picking up stuff that i liked; and this was a  shock for me because i loveee colour. I love black too though, black is classic, you cant go wrong, and it goes with anything. So it came down to me purchasing a kimono, crop top and playsuit, and i am in love with all three! I am excited to build up my wardrobe.

With my make-up items, i have been meaning to buy a matte red lipstick for some time, but not a soft red more of a rich ruby type of red. And again i love blushes and i am building up on my collection, Sleek being my favourite brand at the moment. And i wanted to try out this new concealer that i have heard good things and reviews about. The concealer is meant to be a few shades lighter than your skin tone, as well as i also use it as a highlighter, so its like a two in one and it brightens everything up. This was the closest colour i could find as the collection doesn't have a range of tones and the next shade down was too dark for me.

Kimono Jacket- £14.99, Crop Top - £12.99, Playsuit - £12.99: H&M / Sleek Shimmer Blush Pomegranate- £4.49, Rimmel Kate Matte Lipstick Kiss Of Life 111 - £5.49, Maybelline Fit Me Concealer Deep 35 - £5.99: Superdrug

Genie xo

8 May 2014

Fashion & Fungi

Hey Fashionistas!

This is a dress that i constructed in my 15 Hour Fashion Textiles exam! It was on the 1st, 2nd & 6th of May; split over the three days, 5 hours each day. My theme for my controlled assessment was based on fungi. My design brief was: A fashion company is looking for designs and garments based on fungi.

I chose this because I found it very interesting and I could come up with a variety of ideas in terms of exploring a variety of fungi and not just solely mushrooms. So I looked at different types of fungi ; fungi on land, fungi underwater and invertebrates, fungi on animals, on metal, corroding objects, mold, algae and different things that relate to it in terms of colour and shape/structure. Looking at things like barnacles and invertebrates (like sponges and coral) are not necessarily fungi, but I found them interesting to relate to fungi as the structure of them and how they are formed are similar. They look like something is growing, forming and developing and the shapes expand and their textures are interesting.

My A3 sketchbook is filled with texture and a lot of ideas. I did a lot of experimentation to figure out how i would use certain things for my final piece. I incorporated print within my work again, as it’s something I love doing and I’m really good at. I didn't do as much print work as I normally do, because I wanted to focus more on texture and structure. I did some marbling and stuck to specific colours ways and with this, scanned them, manipulated them in Photoshop changing the levels and saturation, then created repeat patterns with them. This was really effective as the colours were very vibrant and the pattern from the inks resembled fungi and mold. I did some fabric manipulation and wanted to make the structure of the dress layered and poofy to resemble mushrooms, mold and things that grow and form.



The Glue Pieces Layered On Top

I think that fungi was a very interesting theme and I could work on my experimentation and develop my ideas into a well designed final outcome which was a fungi dress. 
I hope you enjoyed this post. Stay blessed.

Genie xo

3 May 2014

My Current Hair Care Products

Hey Beauties x

These are my current hair care products! I know it looks like a a lot but it really isn't lol. These products are a staple in my hair regimen and does wonders to my hair (when used properly). I have been through quite a lot of products and have found out what works and doesn't work for my hair. Again these products are what works for me and may not necessarily work for you, because everyone's hair type and texture is different; relaxed or not. You can find most of these products in the hair & beauty shops like Paks, which is my favourite. I have put the products into categories so you can see them clearly and they are labeled from left to right. There are two items that i missed out, as i ran out of one and the other I just forgot to put in the picture, but not to worry that's why there is Google images lol :-) 
I still like to try new things if i feel like my hair needs something, or a product isn't really working for me anymore. But as of now these are ALL the products i currently use.
If you haven't already checked out my hair care routine/regimen click here.

ORS Olive Oil No-Lye Relaxer In 'Normal' For Fine-Medium Hair Textures

Nexxus Therappe Ultimate Moisture Shampoo
TRESemme Naturals Nourishing Moisture Shampoo
ORS Olive Oil Creamy Aloe Shampoo

ORS Olive Oil Replenishing 'Deep Penetrating' Conditioner
ORS Hair Mayonnaise (My Protein Treatment)

Cantu Shea Butter Leave In Conditioning Repair Cream

Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Moisture & Shine Conditioner

ORS Olive Oil Incredibly Rich Oil Moisturizing Hair Lotion
AtOne Anti-Breakage Shea Butter & Tea Tree Oil Moisturiser
Moisturising Conditioner Mix (Water, Glycerin, Herbal Essence Conditioner - Hello Hydration)

Extra Virgin Olive Oil (100% Pure)
Coconut Oil (100% Pure)
Caster Oil (100% Pure)
Sweet Almond Oil (100% Pure)
Organics Extra Virgin Olive Oil Smoother & Polisher Serum
Ginseng Miracle Wonder 8 Oil

TRESemme Heat Defence Styling Spray

ORS Olive Oil Professional Flexible Holding Spray
ORS Olive Oil Nourishing Sheen Spray
TRESemme Salon Finish Extra Hold Hair Spray
Loreal Elnett Supreme Hold Hair Spray

Batiste Dry Shampoo - Coconut & Exotic Tropical
ORS Olive Oil Edge Control
Glycerin (100% Pure)

I hope you found this helpful! Any questions just ask in the comments below :-)

Genie xo

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