17 June 2014

Black x Black

Hey Guys xo

I decided to wear all black everything today. A classic of course. The weather was nice and sunny (very rare in England haha) so i thought it would be perfect to wear my crop top and kimono that i recently bought. Even though black absorbs the heat lol, i still felt cool as the kimono is a chiffon material. Me and my girl did this shoot whilst we was at the park, we had so much fun! If you didn't see my post about my recent purchases which included some of the clothing items i'm wearing today, then take a look. I love how the kimono is all lace at the back; and the crop top has lace sections on it and lace sleeves. 

Kimono Jacket- £14.99, Crop Top - £12.99, Jeans £9.99: H&M 

Genie xo

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