25 July 2014

Denman Brush Review

Hi Guys x

Just thought i would do a quick review on this item i recently purchased which was a Denman Brush. I've heard many good things about this hair brush. I bought it from Paks for £4.99 and i got the 'Classic Styling Brush' which also comes in different sizes. On this back it says 'Ideal for smoothing and styling, suitable for all lengths and types of hair. Smooth, round-ended pins for gentle styling. Ergonomic handle for balance and comfort. Hygienic and durable. Consult with your hair stylist to achieve best results.'

I don't really use brushes that much, only a paddle brush and bristle brush when wrapping my hair at night. So when i saw this brush and i noticed that it didn't have the little balls at the end of the pins (as other brushes tend to have) i instantly thought that it should be good and might run through the hair differently; as i feel that brushes with the balls at the tip tend to rip out the hair more as they get wrapped around it. The pins in the brush are hard, but they are not stiff so they move as you brush the hair, which again causes less damage as it's not ripping the hair out. This is something i instantly noticed... it literally glided through my hair which i thought was amazing. Especially as around the time i bought it, i was due to relax my hair soon; so i had a lot of new growth and it was so thick that i found it difficult to comb through with my wide tooth combs. But this brush glided through it with ease and it's great for detangling; it literally saved me as i felt like i was ripping out so much hair with my normal and wide tooth combs which i thought was weird. I also use it at night when i wrap my hair, as i find it smooths and lays it down nicely for a silky finish.

The brush itself is very good quality and it looks sleek and professional. Overall i really like this brush, i am happy i purchased it and would recommend it.

Genie xo

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