25 July 2014

How I Relax My Hair! [Video Included]

Hey Beauties x

This post is to show you how i relax my hair. Like i said in my hair care routine/regimen post, i self relax; but for the purpose of this video, my big Sister done it for me. She wanted to create a video to show a fast, effective way that we do it (she filmed and edited the video). I relax my hair using the ORS Olive Oil No-Lye Relaxer In 'Normal' For Fine-Medium Hair Textures. We are not professionals, this is just how we relax our hair and the easiest/fastest routine that we have worked out so far. When you watch the video you will see that it got applied within 10 minutes which was super quick and this was because we found out a quicker method to apply it and also that my Sister (someone else) was doing it for me... however i normally take about 35/45 minutes to apply the relaxer as i do it myself. This in turn means that this time around my hair was under-processed as i didn't want to wait another 25 minutes or so with the relaxer in my hair as it would over-process. It's a bit hard to explain and understand lool but it makes sense. I do not relax my hair bone straight anyway, i do have texture left over; but i wouldn't call myself texlaxed. 

You will also be able to see that the back of my hair is shorter than the rest which is for reasons like, when my hair all broke really badly at the back a few years ago and it hasn't fully caught up to the rest that didn't break, even though i have been gradually trimming. As well as the nape (the very bottom) is the shortest as i only figured out a few months ago that it was the way tied my head scarf at night. I tied it so the knot was at the back and it was cutting/breaking my hair. So i now tie it at the front on my forehead and also put the scarf over my ears so there is no friction or any type of damage to my hair from the scarf rubbing against it. And i have definitely seen growth results since changing the way i tie my head scarf. The fact that i have been tying it like that for years has probably also been restricting the growth at the back as a whole. 

After washing out the relaxer, to show you that my hair was under-processed it was still a bit wavy at the roots. Again i don't relax my hair bone straight so when it is wet it's not dead straight and it has some texture to it, but the root was particularly more wavy.

DAMP HAIR - Just washed out relaxer

Now to the video!
I apologies in advance for the way i look in this video lool i think i look a bit weird as I'm talking, laughing and eating throughout haha and we was watching a movie too lol. Also the lighting gets dark too as it was becoming really late. 

Relaxed Thursday 12th June 2014

I will be cutting a few inches off my hair when i next get my relaxer, as i feel that then ends of my hair are really thin, old and over-processed. As well as i am trying to even it all out. I'm really excited and actually cant wait :-)

Genie xo

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