19 August 2014

Hair Cut/Update!

Hey Loves x

The long awaited hair cut has finally happened! It was well overdue and i was so exited for it to happen lool. I wanted to cut my hair as i felt the ends of my hair were really thin and they were just old and over-processed. I am also trying to even it out (one of my main goals as well as to thicken) as the sides of my hair are longer than the middle. I initially wanted to cut off about 4 inches, but my big Sister (who was doing it) said that she's not gonna cut that much as it wasn't needed lool. So we ended up cutting off about 2 and a half inches, and i am really happy with the length and it looks more healthy and thicker. This was a straight blunt cut and not for style purposes. Even after the cut however, it is still thin and the back it still growing out to catch up with the rest. What i have noticed is that the right side of my hair is thinner than the left also. I cut my hair 3 days after relaxing it and it is also blowdried and straightened.

Relaxed Thur 12th June 2014
(Blowdried & Straightened)
Relaxed 16th August 2014
(Blowdried & Straightened)
As i explained in my How I Relax My Hair post, my hair was under-processed the last time i relaxed it; so when it was time for me to relax my hair the other day it had literally felt like i hadn't relaxed my hair in 4 months (as i relax every 2 months) and it was so hard to comb through the roots! So i had to relax it a few days earlier as it was too much to handle and i was actually ripping out more hair trying to comb it. The picture on the left was the time i relaxed my hair and it was under-processed, and the picture on the right was my hair today which was relaxed 3 days ago. Just by 2 months it slightly looks more thicker. (The lines in my hair are from the comb lol)

The first cut...
The 2nd cut...

About 2 and a half inches.

Instead of doing one big cut we done it in sections so that we were aware of how much was being taken off, because once the hair is cut...it's cut. As you can see my hair is still thin at the ends, but i cut quite a lot the thinness off. I still have some more to cut but i want to grow it out some more before i do another trim and even it out more. Obviously when i just leave my hair blowdried it is more thicker as well. The top half of my hair is more thicker than the rest as that is the new hair and where i have been making changes in the things that i have been doing; as in products and routine.

Keep a look out for my next update :-)
Genie xo

13 August 2014

China Glaze Nail Polishes & Shocking Pink Nails

 Hey Lovelies x

I've been meaning to buy China Glaze nail polishes for the longest time! I only thought that they sold them in America to be honest; but some time ago i went into a shop in my area called 'Hollywood Nail Supply' in South East London, and i couldn't believe my eyes they were right in-front of me lool. And what was even better was the price... China Glaze for £2.50! I was sold! They are the only shop so far that i have seen sell China Glaze in the UK, not that i have been exactly looking anyway; but if you know or have heard of anywhere else, please do tell. They are obviously not sold in drugstores like Superdrug and Boots. The shop also sold OPI nail polishes for £5 and Essie nail polishes too; they have so much in such a little shop. So yesterday i bought 3 China Glaze nail polishes to try out first before i buy a whole bunch haha. I also got my nails done too at a salon, i haven't had acrylic nails in the longest time. I brought my own polish and picked the 'Shocking Pink' colour for them to use. I wanted a nice bright colour for the Summer time and so far i love it!

1003 Shocking Pink (Neon)

Acrylic Nails 
As you can see the nail polish is true to colour when on the nail itself. Initially 2 coats were painted, but we agreed that another coat could be done to ensure that no see-through areas were visible and the colour could fully pop and stand out. I got square shaped nails, not too long in length.

873 Flip Flop Fantasy

172 Royal Tease

I cant wait to try out the other colours i bought! 
And most probably will be buying more colours too :-)

Genie xo

7 August 2014

Benefits of African Black Soap!

Hey Beauties,

Another review here on a recent purchase that i have been meaning to buy for oh so long, which is African Black Soap. I wanted to try this out as i found out it had all natural ingredients and was amazing for the skin. I done some research and found a brand within the UK called OKAY, and they sell the African Black Soap in the original form and also with different fragrances, which i personally wouldn't try as i have sensitive skin and don't want anything with strong fragrances and harsh chemicals/ingredients to effect my skin; especially my face. The previous soap i was using was the Simple pure soap for sensitive skin (no perfume, no colour) which works fine for me. I bought the OKAY African Black Soap from Paks for £3.99. I was a bit sceptical if this would still be the true form of African Black Soap (even though it says it's imported from Africa) but this is the only option i had/could find. African Black Soap is not actually meant to be black in colour, it should be brown-ish and there is not a distinctive smell, it just smells kind-of earthy. There was another black soap I saw as well which was called 'Dudu Osun Black Soap', but I picked the OKAY brand to try out first.

Product Description:

  • Deep Moisturizing Healer
  • Antiseptic Cleansing Nourishing Beauty Wash 
  • With Shea, Olive, Coconut, Aloe Vera & Cocoa

African Black Soap is one of the rarest soaps you will find. Originating in West African countries like Ghana, African Black Soap has been used for centuries as a natural remedy for cleansing the skin. This unique soap is known for treating skin that is oily or too dry and for the treatment of skin conditions like acne, blemishes, and psoriasis.

African Black Soap by OKAY® will leave skin feeling soft, cleansed and rejuvenated. Due to the additional nourishment from key ingredients like Shea Butter, Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Aloe Vera and Cocoa Butter our Nourishing Beauty Wash will help you achieve beautiful, more healthy looking skin.

Some of the Benefits of black soap:

  • Helps deep clean skin.
  • Works on most skin types including rough and dry or sensitive skin
  • Helps clear skin bumps and spots
  • Helps relieve acne, oily skin & other skin problems.
  • Great for removing makeup
  • Works against premature facial lines and wrinkles
  • Can be lathered and used as a shampoo.


Cocos Nucifera (Coconut Oil), Butyrospermum Parkii (Raw Shea Butter), Cocoa Pod Ash, Aqua (Water), Elaeis Guineensis (Palm Kernel Oil)

I have been using this for over a month now, every morning and night (as well i continued to use my normal face washes and scrubs). I have seen an improvement in my skin. Every time i have spots i always get a dark scars afterwards, they do eventually fade but this is over a long period of time, so i am always looking for products that could maybe help with the process. I also take Biotin 1000mcg and this can can also give me spots if i don't drink a lot of water as well. I feel that this soap is actually helping to even out my skin tone, clear spots and fade my scars more quickly. This is also in conjunction with drinking a lot of water haha, which i am always trying to remember. I didn't see results straight away, i am only starting to notice a difference around now, but i am ruling out what is causing this as like i said it could be other reasons/products too as well as the soap. I have heard in general that some people have experienced burning or it irritation from black soap, or its caused them to break out even more, or its extremely drying, however i have not experience this. It is drying a little bit, as any soap would be as its cleansing the face, but i use a face wash afterwards, and then follow up with a cleanser and toner AND then moisturise; so i make sure that my skin is fully moisturised.

'Black soap absorbs water easily, so keep it from sitting in water or it will dissolve away. Because this soap is softer than commercial soap, it comes off the bar more easily, so less rubbing of the bar is needed to release enough soap.'

How to Store:

'The Black African Soap Pure traditional African black soap is a soft milled soap and has very high natural glycerin content. As a result, it readily absorbs moisture from the air. It must be stored in a dry location or in a sealed plastic bag or it will become soft as it absorbs moisture. Please note that Black Soap exposed to the air will have a thin white colored film. This film is not mold it is caused by absorption of water from the air. This can be avoided by keeping the soap in a dry location away from moisture until ready for use.'

With any black soap if you leave it in water it will absorb it and become really soft and mushy. To prevent this i put it in a soap dish, but also left the plastic around it. As i am only using it for my face (not my body); when i need it i just cut off a piece and then lather it up in my hands and wrap the rest up. You literally don't need that much because a little bit goes a long way. So this will last me such a long time, which i guess is not so bad in terms of the price when you look at it now.

Overall i am really liking this soap so far and will continue to use it as i think that it's actually helping my skin; therefore would recommend it to anyone who is looking to try out a product with natural ingredients.

Genie xo

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