13 August 2014

China Glaze Nail Polishes & Shocking Pink Nails

 Hey Lovelies x

I've been meaning to buy China Glaze nail polishes for the longest time! I only thought that they sold them in America to be honest; but some time ago i went into a shop in my area called 'Hollywood Nail Supply' in South East London, and i couldn't believe my eyes they were right in-front of me lool. And what was even better was the price... China Glaze for £2.50! I was sold! They are the only shop so far that i have seen sell China Glaze in the UK, not that i have been exactly looking anyway; but if you know or have heard of anywhere else, please do tell. They are obviously not sold in drugstores like Superdrug and Boots. The shop also sold OPI nail polishes for £5 and Essie nail polishes too; they have so much in such a little shop. So yesterday i bought 3 China Glaze nail polishes to try out first before i buy a whole bunch haha. I also got my nails done too at a salon, i haven't had acrylic nails in the longest time. I brought my own polish and picked the 'Shocking Pink' colour for them to use. I wanted a nice bright colour for the Summer time and so far i love it!

1003 Shocking Pink (Neon)

Acrylic Nails 
As you can see the nail polish is true to colour when on the nail itself. Initially 2 coats were painted, but we agreed that another coat could be done to ensure that no see-through areas were visible and the colour could fully pop and stand out. I got square shaped nails, not too long in length.

873 Flip Flop Fantasy

172 Royal Tease

I cant wait to try out the other colours i bought! 
And most probably will be buying more colours too :-)

Genie xo

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