19 August 2014

Hair Cut/Update!

Hey Loves x

The long awaited hair cut has finally happened! It was well overdue and i was so exited for it to happen lool. I wanted to cut my hair as i felt the ends of my hair were really thin and they were just old and over-processed. I am also trying to even it out (one of my main goals as well as to thicken) as the sides of my hair are longer than the middle. I initially wanted to cut off about 4 inches, but my big Sister (who was doing it) said that she's not gonna cut that much as it wasn't needed lool. So we ended up cutting off about 2 and a half inches, and i am really happy with the length and it looks more healthy and thicker. This was a straight blunt cut and not for style purposes. Even after the cut however, it is still thin and the back it still growing out to catch up with the rest. What i have noticed is that the right side of my hair is thinner than the left also. I cut my hair 3 days after relaxing it and it is also blowdried and straightened.

Relaxed Thur 12th June 2014
(Blowdried & Straightened)
Relaxed 16th August 2014
(Blowdried & Straightened)
As i explained in my How I Relax My Hair post, my hair was under-processed the last time i relaxed it; so when it was time for me to relax my hair the other day it had literally felt like i hadn't relaxed my hair in 4 months (as i relax every 2 months) and it was so hard to comb through the roots! So i had to relax it a few days earlier as it was too much to handle and i was actually ripping out more hair trying to comb it. The picture on the left was the time i relaxed my hair and it was under-processed, and the picture on the right was my hair today which was relaxed 3 days ago. Just by 2 months it slightly looks more thicker. (The lines in my hair are from the comb lol)

The first cut...
The 2nd cut...

About 2 and a half inches.

Instead of doing one big cut we done it in sections so that we were aware of how much was being taken off, because once the hair is cut...it's cut. As you can see my hair is still thin at the ends, but i cut quite a lot the thinness off. I still have some more to cut but i want to grow it out some more before i do another trim and even it out more. Obviously when i just leave my hair blowdried it is more thicker as well. The top half of my hair is more thicker than the rest as that is the new hair and where i have been making changes in the things that i have been doing; as in products and routine.

Keep a look out for my next update :-)
Genie xo

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