22 September 2014

London Fashion Week!

This was my first time attending London Fashion Week, I went on Monday 15th and Tuesday 16th and i found the experience inspirational as i saw how everyone created their own style and dressed up for the occasion. I took a variation of pictures of the street style fashion and there were certain individuals who stood out more than others. I went with some of my friends, and this was to also give me inspiration for my project at Uni, as we always need to be up to date with the latest trends, whats in season and what designers are creating.

I wore a red checkered shirt, blue high wasted jeans and wedges, something simple but yet the red colour of the shirt and lipstick stood out and worked in combination with eachother.

Shirt: Misguided, High Waisted Jeans - £19.99: H&M, Wedges - £85: Clarks

Those Slipping Pictures... lool

As soon as you enter Somerset House, you notice a change in they way everyone is dressed and portraying themselves. Some people were wearing designer garments which was essentially to promote the designers work, which was very nice to see as i saw how the garments moved and fell on the human body rather than on a hanger or a mannequin or even a model; as they have to walk a certain way. I could see what the designers were looking at in terms of colour, material and texture.

Designer: Danni Lin

Designer: Patrick Li - Pleated Green Dress
These garments/outfits stood out to me the most in terms of relating to my project which is 'Structural Attachment'. The structure of the jackets and tops with sharp cuts and and layering; and the dresses having more of the structured prints and pleats really gives it more of an effect. Especially with the contrast in colours, like the bold orange and yellow against the black, and the white vertical lines against the green.

LFW - Video Maker

I got to see a fashion show by the designer Hakaan Yildirim. I loved it! There was so many amazing pieces, and the way they were styled with the elongated tennis type of hats and the specific colour schemes made it all the more visually appealing. The collection was very inspirational.


Overall i really enjoyed  LFW! The fashion show topped it off for me, and it really reminds me why i'm in love with fashion so much. #YoungFashionDesigner

Genie xo
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