29 October 2014

Fashion & Textiles Foundation Diploma - 1st Project

'Structural Attachment *In Mono'

Hey Lovelies x

I wanted to do a post briefly explaining what i have been doing in my first project on my foundation course at University. There are two pathways on my course specifically which are fashion design (which i'm doing) and fashion promotion which is more fashion photography, film, styling etc; you learn things from every pathway though. The first project that i have literally just finished completing is 8 weeks long and our brief was 'Structural Attachment *In Mono', the two words 'structure' and 'attachment' and the way we would interpret these words and explore in depth, baring in mind at one point we would have to explore one colour. I have 10 different tutors and they were all helpful in different ways as they specialise in specific fields. The weeks consisted of research, design development, knitwear workshops, digital textiles/printing workshops, attending London Fashion Week, introduction to accessories and prototyping, accessories design, styling workshop, photo shoots, concept development, introduction to pattern cutting/constructing garments, garment production and concept completion. Not to mention i had to go on exhibition visits, write a contextual studies essay and create a sketchbook, sample book and blog. All time spent at Uni, was to do the workshops like learning how to knit using the knitting machines, digital print/Photoshop workshops, life drawings, and design workshops, and it was up to us to actually relate it to our own projects. So in our own time we was meant to do our project in our sketchbooks and also continuously update our blogs to reflect and evaluate. The course is so fast paced with so many different things for you to do there is literally no time for anything which would explain why i haven't been posting frequently. Baring in mind i still have a job, so i have to  plan ahead and be organised. I have been selective with the images i am using as if i showed you all then we would be here forever lool. 
These a just only a few samples i created in my knitting workshop. I learnt a variety of techniques like creating hems, weaving, fringes, grafting, honeycomb, lace holes, drop stitch, colour changing and so much more. It was a new experience for me and i enjoyed it even though it is very technical and easy to mess up what your creating. Other than that it was just amazing seeing it all come together. 

Knitting Machine
Increase & Decrease and Laceholes
Claw Weights
In my digital print workshop i just learnt about the different repeat patterns and working in repeat, so multidirectional, square/straight repeat, half drop, third drop repeat, brick repeat and so forth. I like digital print as i am able to manipulate and play around with scale and colours quite easily and and i could develop my prints from something very simple to something intriquet. Besides from learning how to create the different type of prints, I also learnt how to add my prints to a model/illustration and make it look realistic and not like a flat image on top. I found this very interesting and have always wanted to do this with my own personal work. But instead of using a model off of the internet i would draw my own illustration and designs and add my own prints to them. 

After learning how to do this, we got put into groups and had to create a garment out of the prints that we all made. This could be in any way that we wanted, with my group we all decided to change our colour choices so they all matched. We chose blue, but as my prints/mono colour is blue anyway i kept mine the same. We had two prints each and we wanted to be experimental and try to make the pieces more 3D and come away from the mannequin rather than just be flat. 

As part of styling and promotion week I went to a variety of stores around Central London, both high street and high end to compare the look and style of the garment, the material, price, how it is merchandised and  how the collections were presented. 
Alexander McQueen

H&M - Trend Collection
The accessories workshop consisted of creating little samples and experimenting with different objects that we were meant to bring in. When my tutors say accessory, they don't mean a little cute necklaces or headbands or nice jewelry pieces, they expect over-exaggerated body pieces and headpieces, things that you wouldn't  find someone wearing on the street or in the shops. As i work in H&M most of my materials i got were from work, so i brought in different types of hangers like shirts, trousers, scarf and lingerie hangers, these little hook things to connect hangers together and just a whole load of things (yes i did ask permission lol). The downfall of this was that they were all black, but a good thing was that as they are plastic they were able to melt. So some things were melting with the glue gun as i was attaching them and some things could be melted with the heat press. I also did bring in cups and cotton buds and various materials as they can be easily manipulated. By the end of that workshop week i did have to have my final accessory completed.

With this i had to do a styling/accessories photo shoot. From my research, planning and concept boards i finally decided to do it in the studio with a white background so it would be a nice contrast to my black accessory. I told the model who is my friend Amy, to wear the white leotard and skirt, as i thought i would be a good idea to manipulate what she is wearing and add my prints on top which would be even more development. I thought this worked really well as i was able to incorporate my prints within the shoot. I like the fact that my accessory is not attached to anything and its hand held and can be moved and placed anywhere around the face or body. I also changed the background so that my prints where on the wall which i liked, the shoot may have looked more interesting in a different environment, however i didn't want too much going on and to take away from the accessory. I wanted Amy to do a variation of poses and i liked the awkward body poses which reminds me of a dolly and more fairy tale because of the angles and weird shapes shes creating with her body. The way she is styled with hair and make up was all apart of the process too, i wanted her to wear exaggerated winged black eyeliner and dark purple lipstick which looks more mystical. And again her hair being long and left down with a fringe makes her look more dolly like. I liked the fact that i used my own DSLR Camera, as i bought it recently, and so this gave me a chance to practice as i am learning how to us it myself.

I created my final garment within 2 days and I decided to do a shoot for my final piece. As time was of the essence i kept it simple and done it in the studio. I did however wanted to do it in an exterior setting as the shoot that i done for my accessory was also in the studio. So i had to make it interesting in terms of editing and even adding my prints on the background again. I felt that my final garment came out successful in terms of creating an outcome that related well to my theme/project. Geometric shapes and linking/interlocking being the two words i focused on for structure and attachment, but going into fairy tale as i focused on big hoods and the structure and over exaggerated features like collars and sleeves and this has shown within my coat. The end of the sleeves are draped, the coat has an a - symmetrical shape to it, the hood is really big, fluffy and over sized and i think all of these things worked well.

I hope you enjoyed this post! More projects to come :-)
Genie xo

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