27 February 2015

Vasco & Piero's Pavilion Restaurant

Hey Guys

Vasco & Piero have been serving traditional Italian food since 1971 based on their Umbrian heritageTheir philosophy is to keep dishes simple and fresh using two or three ingredients in each dish; and their menu changes daily. Upon arriving we was greeted with such kindness were the staff took our coats and showed us to our seats where they pulled out the chairs for us to sit. The atmosphere of the restaurant was relaxed and comfortable, with the lights dimmed and champagne offered when seated. The food was presented elegantly with attention to detail. A few starters were served, a main course and desserts which all tasted so rich and full of flavour. Here are some pictures below of the food. My favourite would have to be the Spaghettini with king prawns, chilli, garlic and tomatoes, the king prawns were so delicious! The sauce that accompanied the spaghetti was just bursting with flavour i would definitely recommend this dish. The dessert i had was the caramelised banana and ice cream was simple and sweet. Overall i enjoyed my time at Vasco & Piero's and felt very welcomed. Thank you for the lovely food!
'Bruschetta with spicey olives'
'Burrata mozzaarella From Pugia with cherry tomatoes and avocado'
'Cripsy polenta, wild mushrooms and taleggio cheese'
'Spaghettini with king prawns, chilli, garlic and tomatoes'
'Creme caramel'

15 Poland Street
Tel: 02074378774

Genie xo

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