3 April 2015

My First Sew In! (Protective Style)

Hey Guys!

It's been a long time since I did a post about hair, yes I will explain why lol. But as you have most likely have read the title of this post... I got my first sew in! How does it look? I did mention in a previous hair post that I have never had weave or extensions in my life, not that it’s a good or bad thing, but that's just the way it’s been. I never really thought about getting any type of extensions as I enjoyed wearing my own hair if that makes sense haha.

I decided to get weave as I wanted to give my real hair a break from all the tension, combing and the cold environment, especially as it’s always rainy and windy in England. I recently had the biggest setback which was also one of the main reasons why I got weave. I have been under a lot of stress recently, and I mean A LOT; hence I was combing my hair too harshly, not being careful and combing from root to tip instead of tip to root and was basically ripping out my hair. I didn't realise the damage I was doing till a month or two later. This first started happening around the end of August and I only realised around October/November and all of my hair was completely broken off and just became overall thinner than what it used to be. It mostly broke off around the back and the right side, there were a few long sections left but it just looked really bad to me and was so thin and scraggly. Since then I have been wearing my hair in a bun everyday for months as I had no other way to style it, even in a pony tail it looked horrible.

Since my hair cut/update post where I cut off two and a half inches, I have been trimming my hair every now and again and recently cut off another 4 inches to even out what was left of my hair lool. Right now it’s above my shoulders; however it’s still really thin. I have fine hair to begin with so just imagine how this looks now. To me it’s still not decent looking to wear down so I was continuing to put my hair in a bun. Now putting my hair in a hair band everyday and the tension of my hair being pulled up is not actually a good thing. I then decided I wanted to do a protective style that consisted of wrapping my hair away and it not being exposed. Braids look really nice but I felt that my hair is just too fragile especially as it is relaxed, they weight of the braids would be damaging for me. Then i thought of getting a sew in. I had to do a lot of research watching videos on YouTube, asking friends and just gathering as much information as possible as in the type of hair I should get and how I would take care of my hair underneath. A lot of people think that just because you get a weave that you don't have to do anything to your hair underneath which is wrong. Your hair needs moisture, and if it is not receiving this it will become dry and hence break, especially in the take down process of the weave. I got my sew in on the 23rd March and so far I’m loving it, still adjusting though lool. I am planning to keep it in for about two months. Before I got the sew in I relaxed my hair, then waited two weeks before it got installed. Within those two weeks I also did a protein treatment to strengthen my hair. When I am ready to take down the weave I have to wait two weeks again before I relax it. I just want to see if my hair can handle weave if that makes sense, I may take care of my hair underneath and stuff but my hair could still break it just depends. But if i retain the growth and my hair is not damaged, getting a sew in could become part of my routine for whenever my hair needs a break or during the winter months for example.

As it was my first time getting weave I didn't want to go all out and spend hundreds of pounds as I hear some people do, but I didn't want to be really cheap and end up not get good quality hair either. Quite a few people mentioned buying from Ali Express, however I would have needed to go into more depth with my research to know about the vendors and all sorts and I just didn't want to jump into buying online when I didn't really know what I was doing. My main goal is to protect and care for my hair underneath the sew in, I didn't plan to get it just to make me look good, even though you want to be looking good lool... you get me? I decided to buy two packs of Remi Goddess in colour 2, one pack being 12 inches for £44 and the other pack is 14 inches for £51. I only got two packs as I wanted a more natural look, not to mention Remi is expensive as it's 100% human hair. So in total I spent £95 which I thought was not too bad, and with Remi I know I can reuse the weave which was one of the things I was glad about. I also spent £30 for my stylist to install it, I was recommended her from a friend and I thought she done an amazing job. She braided my hair with added wool to create a strong base and I got a side part with some of my hair left out at the front and the sides and my hair blended so well with the weave. The finishing was amazing and I thank her. I have to say though,  the weave will never look the same as it did on the first day LOL, when I tell you it looked AMAZING! The way my stylist curled my bangs, the way the hair moved it was just beautiful I wish I took pictures. These pictures were taken on day three I think, not to say it doesn't look nice lool. I wonder how it would look when I wash and condition it... 

I came up with a routine that consists of moisturising and sealing my braids underneath. I am also planning to wash and condition my braids and the weave every two weeks. I will definitely have an update on that. I am a bit worried thought because if the braids don't dry properly that’s when mildew will start to grow and it will smell etc as its damp. However I do want to get rid of the build up over the weeks and condition the braids so I have moisture, so i will take the risk and see how it goes the first time. This is a whole new experience for me, I would love to hear anyone else's and any advice that they might like to give! In my next update I will explain how my washing experience goes, products I use on my braids and the weave and anything else I possibly have missed out in this post.

I hope you enjoy this post!
 If you have any advice or tips please leave them in the comments below, I would really appreciate it! :-)

Genie xo

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