30 June 2015

All In One Lace

Hi Dolls,

This is a quick outfit post of me wearing this lilac lace jumpsuit I bought from H&M. It was originally £29.99 and I got it on sale for £15, then obviously I got my staff discount on top of that whoop whoop. I love how the jumpsuit fits; the way the bottoms are cut look like tailored trousers a bit but more loose. I thought that it being practically all lace would be too much, but I think because of the colour it doesn't stand out as much as I thought. I have also realised that I am starting to get a lot of lace pieces or have an item with some sort of lace detailing in my wardrobe. I also like the sheer bit at the top, just so that not everything is completely lace. I found it hard to know what shoes to wear with this, I tried some black flats but I felt like it made me look really short, so something with height was definitely needed. A pair of heals maybe? I went for some grey boots and I still didn't like it! *Sigh* A cute pair of sandals might go, which it’s the right season for, but that still doesn't solve the problem of looking really short lol, not that it's a bad thing but as I am not showing any legs or wearing two pieces e.g. a top and bottoms to show separation, the all in one suit makes me look more shorter. So this is my dilemma, any ideas for shoes? Other than that I did wear this with a purple matte lippy that I mentioned in my previous post 'Lipstick Love', the colour I am wearing is Exxxaggerate by Sleek. The jumpsuit is cute, and it definitely can be dressed up for a more formal occasion, especially because of the lace. 

Jumpsuit - £15 (Originally £29.99): H&M | Boots - £18: Primark

Genie xo

27 June 2015

Lipstick Love

Hey Beauties,

This is a quick post where I have recently purchased some new lipsticks. I love lipsticks, and it just completes a whole look. The 3 in the middle are from Sleek and the two on the ends are from the Maybelline colorsensational line. I'll start with the Sleek ones from left to right the colours are 'Mystic' (Matte), 'Exxxaggerate' (Matte) and 'Mulberry' (Sheen), there all in the purple colour palette and I think suit my skin tone very well. They are more of a bold colour and stand out with an outfit. They literally are a pop of colour. The two Maybelline ones from left to right are, '158 Power Peony' and '630 Velvet Beige', which are lighter colours than the Sleek. I love my pink shades of lipsticks so this is another one to add to my collection, this one has hints of purple and I feel it's a bit on the neon side. The Velvet beige is the most perfect nude colour for me. It's such a beautiful colour, and I do love neutral tones as well. None of these lipsticks are drying at all, they are actually quite moisturising, even the matte ones. I like to layer different lip products too, so they also look nice with some lip gloss on top.

Genie xo

26 June 2015

Little White Dress

Hey Guys, 
I hope you're enjoying the weather!

This little white dress is simple, light and summery; it's a new purchase and I love it so much. As the sun is slowly coming out, I try to embrace the little sun that London gets haha. This dress has lace detailing on the bodice and the rest of the dress is loose and flows. It kind of cinches at the waist to show some shape and it has adjustable straps. I don’t really like to wear white often as I am very clumsy and  can easily get it dirty or will get make up on it lol. But white looks so good and bright in the summer, and I find that this is perfect for the type of weather. It's cute and brings me back to when I was younger and would wear fun, playful dresses. The bottom half of the dress is slightly transparent so I wore some black shorts underneath that I bought from H&M for £3.99. I wore some brown sandals with it that my Mum bought for me from Italy, and I absolutely love them and can’t find anything similar like them over in London. They are a suede material and have some embroidery bead embellishment at the top. For jewellery I wore some gold rings, and for earrings I wore these dreamcatchers that my brother bought me from Miami, and again I love them to bits! You can’t really see them but they are a brown, tan colour which matches the sandals.

Dress - £14.99: H&M / Sandals: (A shop in Italy) 45-60 Euros

Hope you liked this outfit post!
Genie xo

19 June 2015

All Blacked Out & Platform Heels

Hey Lovelies,

Another outfit post here, where I am wearing a long coat which is a trench coat type of style, but with a lot of layers on the front which gives it that unique look. It’s more of a statement piece and more for style as it's quite thin, than for warmth or comfort. I paired this with some black bottoms, a sheer crop top and some heels. I love the lace detailing on the sleeves of the crop top, and because the crop top is sheer, it’s nice to layer with something else underneath, if it’s something with colour to contrast or something to match. I just wore another plain black crop top underneath. I absolutely love these platform heels! They have a buckle strap around the ankle, a thin heel and are so comfortable. They look like they are more of a going out/clubbing in my opinion, but nevertheless I still wanted to wear them lol. This outfit mainly focuses on the coat and the heels, and they are both something that can definitely be dressed up and down depending on the occasion.

Jacket £39.99, Sheer Crop Top, Black Bottoms £7.99, Heels £29.99, Hoop Earrings £2.99: H&M / Crop Top - £1.50: Primark

More outfit posts coming soon!
Genie xo

14 June 2015

A Dungarees Day

Hey Guys,

As summer time is approaching, the days to walk outside without a jacket are becoming more and more frequent. I decided to wear these imitation leather dungarees from H&M, they are like a soft leather, and are so comfortable and yet fitted. I like the high button detailing on each side of the bottom half and the little zip at the front. I wanted to style them up with some high lace up boots also from H&M and add a pop of colour with a pink crop top from Primark. The outfit is quite simple, but dungarees are a good way to add a layer of something else underneath. I love to feel the sun on my skin!

Dungarees - £29.99, Boots - £24.99: H&M / Croptop - £1.50, Hoop Earrings - £1.00: Primark

Hope you enjoyed this post!

Genie xo

10 June 2015

How I Maintained My Sew In

Hi Guys,

This post is just to update you on how my first sew in experience had gone. I had the weave in a little over two months and I would say that's the maximum amount of time to have it in especially if you’re relaxed so you could avoid any type of breakage. The hair itself I used which was Remi Goddess was amazing and blended with my leave out very well. I didn't notice any physical shedding when I ran my fingers through it at all. However I did notice a bit of tangling, only at the back though, like the last track where the hair would rub against my clothes and cause friction. And from the result of this, the hair did shed in that sense when I would detangle the hair, and just normally brush through it with a paddle brush. 

I mostly wore the hair straight, however I did try out some flexi rods twice and these were the results below (Instagram Picture). I loved the look; it was more of loose waves than curls as I brushed through it a bit when I took out the rods. It held for a little while but as the day went on it became more loose and poofy. This is without and holding or hair spray.

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For the products I used, I didn't put anything on the weave apart from this 'renewing argon oil of Morocco extra penetrating serum'. It’s absolutely amazing and it also works as a heat protector too. Its light weight and a little bit goes a long way. So you literally just need a dime size and you rub it through your hair and it gives a nice shine. I would use this whenever my weave looked dull and dry or just needed a bit of a boost. I think it costs around £4.50. As I stated in my previous post, I got the weave as a protective style, hence I am still taking care of my real hair underneath. To do this I melted some extra virgin coconut oil in an applicator bottle with a nozzle, and applied this to my scalp and braids maybe once or twice a week. This ensures that my scalp isn't dry and itchy and it gets some moisture as the oil is very penetrating and absorbs well into the scalp. As coconut oil is light weight in comparison to the other oils it doesn't cause a lot of build up on the scalp. I thought to myself as its just oil, my hair might still needs some type of moisturising lotion or something as in to 'moisturise and seal', so I purchased this 'olive miracle anti breakage braid sheen spray', which was basically a water based moisturiser. I found it to be quite soothing as it has a lot of ingredients and even more oils like peppermint oil and rosemary oil. I would try to spray this on my braids like once a week. As a result of using products still, this does run down onto the weave and can weigh down it down and make it look greasy and stringy. I washed and conditioned my weave and my braids every two weeks. However if the weave started to get weighed down with product earlier than this then I would use some dry shampoo. This would absorb the oils and the weave would be refreshed. I used two; the 'Dove dry shampoo' which smelled amazing, it was good but I felt it was lighter and didn't absorb that much oil. So then if the weave started to look even more greasy I used the 'Batiste dry shampoo' which was stronger and done the job.

When I was wash day I made sure to apply a lot of coconut oil a day or two before as I knew my hair was getting washed. To wash my braids I got any shampoo and poured some in an applicator bottle with a nozzle and diluted it with some water and added some glycerin as it’s a humectant. I then squirted this into my braids whilst the hair was wet (as I was in the shower) and done a little scalp massage. I also got the pure shampoo and just applied this all over the weave in a downward motion (one direction) to avoid tangling. I then rinsed it out and repeated. After shampooing I done the same thing with the conditioner, so I got a moisturising conditioner like 'Herbal essences hello hydration' and diluted this with water and glycerin. The reason for diluting is so that you don't cause any build up on the scalp with the thick product, it would be harder to wash out. And again applied the conditioner to the rest of the weave and detangled it with a Denman brush. I then put a plastic cap on my head and left the conditioner in for a bit whilst I showered; the steam would also help the conditioning process. I then rinsed out all the conditioner and towel dried the excess water and proceed to detangle the weave with a shower comb and let it air dry. Whilst the weave air dried, I would section off each track and blow dry my braids with a concentrated nozzle to dry the surface water and then sit under a hooded dryer until completely dry. I repeated this step as I needed to ensure all braids were dry as if they stay wet your real hair would start to mould, as I have been told. After all of that is done I straighten my hair within the next day or two and that's it. 

This process has helped me to maintain my real hair and the weave for two months. I will be re-using this Remi weave. I will also do a post of the take down method/process, as that is one of the most important steps, as a lot of damage can be done if you are not careful.

I hope you found this post helpful!

Genie xo

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