30 June 2015

All In One Lace

Hi Dolls,

This is a quick outfit post of me wearing this lilac lace jumpsuit I bought from H&M. It was originally £29.99 and I got it on sale for £15, then obviously I got my staff discount on top of that whoop whoop. I love how the jumpsuit fits; the way the bottoms are cut look like tailored trousers a bit but more loose. I thought that it being practically all lace would be too much, but I think because of the colour it doesn't stand out as much as I thought. I have also realised that I am starting to get a lot of lace pieces or have an item with some sort of lace detailing in my wardrobe. I also like the sheer bit at the top, just so that not everything is completely lace. I found it hard to know what shoes to wear with this, I tried some black flats but I felt like it made me look really short, so something with height was definitely needed. A pair of heals maybe? I went for some grey boots and I still didn't like it! *Sigh* A cute pair of sandals might go, which it’s the right season for, but that still doesn't solve the problem of looking really short lol, not that it's a bad thing but as I am not showing any legs or wearing two pieces e.g. a top and bottoms to show separation, the all in one suit makes me look more shorter. So this is my dilemma, any ideas for shoes? Other than that I did wear this with a purple matte lippy that I mentioned in my previous post 'Lipstick Love', the colour I am wearing is Exxxaggerate by Sleek. The jumpsuit is cute, and it definitely can be dressed up for a more formal occasion, especially because of the lace. 

Jumpsuit - £15 (Originally £29.99): H&M | Boots - £18: Primark

Genie xo

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