27 June 2015

Lipstick Love

Hey Beauties,

This is a quick post where I have recently purchased some new lipsticks. I love lipsticks, and it just completes a whole look. The 3 in the middle are from Sleek and the two on the ends are from the Maybelline colorsensational line. I'll start with the Sleek ones from left to right the colours are 'Mystic' (Matte), 'Exxxaggerate' (Matte) and 'Mulberry' (Sheen), there all in the purple colour palette and I think suit my skin tone very well. They are more of a bold colour and stand out with an outfit. They literally are a pop of colour. The two Maybelline ones from left to right are, '158 Power Peony' and '630 Velvet Beige', which are lighter colours than the Sleek. I love my pink shades of lipsticks so this is another one to add to my collection, this one has hints of purple and I feel it's a bit on the neon side. The Velvet beige is the most perfect nude colour for me. It's such a beautiful colour, and I do love neutral tones as well. None of these lipsticks are drying at all, they are actually quite moisturising, even the matte ones. I like to layer different lip products too, so they also look nice with some lip gloss on top.

Genie xo

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  1. Gorgeous colors, amazing inspiration!


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