26 June 2015

Little White Dress

Hey Guys, 
I hope you're enjoying the weather!

This little white dress is simple, light and summery; it's a new purchase and I love it so much. As the sun is slowly coming out, I try to embrace the little sun that London gets haha. This dress has lace detailing on the bodice and the rest of the dress is loose and flows. It kind of cinches at the waist to show some shape and it has adjustable straps. I don’t really like to wear white often as I am very clumsy and  can easily get it dirty or will get make up on it lol. But white looks so good and bright in the summer, and I find that this is perfect for the type of weather. It's cute and brings me back to when I was younger and would wear fun, playful dresses. The bottom half of the dress is slightly transparent so I wore some black shorts underneath that I bought from H&M for £3.99. I wore some brown sandals with it that my Mum bought for me from Italy, and I absolutely love them and can’t find anything similar like them over in London. They are a suede material and have some embroidery bead embellishment at the top. For jewellery I wore some gold rings, and for earrings I wore these dreamcatchers that my brother bought me from Miami, and again I love them to bits! You can’t really see them but they are a brown, tan colour which matches the sandals.

Dress - £14.99: H&M / Sandals: (A shop in Italy) 45-60 Euros

Hope you liked this outfit post!
Genie xo

1 comment:

  1. Combine with a necklace and sexy long black dress makes me feel really good.The reunion went perfectly after that. Thanks for your article wise suggestions and I highly recommend you to try this dress out as well!"


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