15 July 2015

Subtle Lace

Hey Lovelies,

Today's outfit is a simple black sleek playsuit with some lace detailing at the front and back. I like the fact that it’s cut out at the back, it’s subtle and really nice. I got this from H&M... as always. Yeah I know all my outfits are from H&M but it is literally my favourite store and not to mention I do work there and get discount so why not embrace it? It’s funny because when I do look to other places to buy clothes I just end up heading back to H&M; I should be an ambassador or something huh! (Lol). I feel like the playsuit has a draping sort of look it, it’s noticeable at the front. It also does cinch at the waist and has adjustable straps. My sun glasses are also from H&M, and I absolutely love them. I was on a hunt for some circular glasses for a long time, ones that are note too big for my face, are the right colour and actually look good on me. I feel that those type pf glasses look so fashionable and I always see them worn at fashion shows and London Fashion Week, and I just think omg they look so good! So here I am now rocking these shades too, and I also bought some other ones, you will see in a blog post soon to come. My sandals are form Primark and I got them on sale for £3, they are so comfortable! I love the shiny plastic strap look, I wish they had them in white too. You know when you find something so good; you think should I buy two of them? It was one of those situations lol.

Playsuit - £12.99, Glasses - £6.99: H&M | Sandals - £3.00: Primark

Hope you enjoyed this post! 
Genie xo

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