8 July 2015

Summer Daze

Hey Dolls,

This outfit is very simple as it is just a crochet bralet and high waited shorts; both new purchases. But who else went out in that 34 degree weather last week? It was so hot; it was even a struggle to wear what I had on now haha. I absolutely love this bralet, I got it for £5 from Primark and it fits so well. I got a size small and it is adjustable at the back through the little crochet holes. My high waisted shorts are from H&M, and I like how they are cuffed at the hem. I like jeans and shorts that you can wear without a belt, that fits nicely to your shape without any gaps. It shows that it's made well and it's flattering. And I find that I can get that with H&M jeans. I am not going to lie, I did get a quite a few stares from people, even though I was also wearing a kimono on top to cover up as it was a bit revealing, however that still didn’t make a difference. I feel like this is something you would wear on the beach or to a festival. Maybe it would be a bit more acceptable as everyone else is wearing similar things which fits the environment? But nevertheless it was 34 degrees, and the weather is hardly ever this hot in London, so I just wear what I want to be honest so long as I am comfortable. I think to jazz it up for a festival look you can style this with a flower crown, maybe some tall gladiator sandals would also go nicely and some arm candy. But this look is simpler and would work too; it's just very summery in general. I hope your enjoying the weather!

Crochet Bralet - £5: Primark | High Waisted Shorts - £12.99: H&M | Sandals: Italy

Hope you enjoyed this post! 

Genie xo

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