22 July 2015

Summer Time Shades

Hi Guys,

I wanted to share with you the sun glasses that I have bought recently and that you will probably see in quite a few outfit posts to come! Circular glasses are the new thing for me right now, as you might have seen in my previous post Subtle Lace, I was wearing the third pair down and I absolutely love them. The second pair is quite similar but has a purple tint to it which I think is a nice addition of colour and can really emphasis an outfit. All these glasses were from H&M and are either £5.99 or £6.99 apart from the first pair which were from Primark and are £3. I don’t like really big glasses on my face and I find that the Primark ones are a bit bigger on my face in comparison to the other two circular ones, but that look can really work depending on the outfit. The fourth pair are different as the frames are transparent which I like and has a hint of green within the lens. I think it would look really nice with white outfits. And the last pair is my aviator style sun glasses which are like my everyday pair. They suit my face shape so well and go with everything in my opinion; more of a casual look. I have the golden ones which go with my skin tone really well; I used to have other dark aviators too; I think a solid black pair would look really nice. They can really make an outfit, even when I am not making an effort with what I am wearing, I can just put my aviators on and it would boost it up a bit haha. What are your favourite types of shades?

Hope you enjoyed this post!
Genie xo

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