22 February 2016

Fashion Lookbook Favourites

Hey Dolls,

I am doing a collaboration with Social Print Studio where I showcase and share my favourite outfits and fashion pieces. This is a great way to see all the looks I have put together in one place and you are able to see whether my style has changed or if certain pieces stand out more than others, or if something gives an outfit that wow factor.

A staple piece to have is definitely a white pair of jeans. Well mine are slightly cream but nevertheless it's a must have, whether they are skinny jeans, ripped or distressed they will stand out regardless. I love how these jeans are so fitted and have the high waisted element.

As well as having the essential 'little black dress' in ones wardrobe, a nice addition to that is the little white dress, whether it is loose or fitted body-con I think it's a clean, sleek piece that really brightens a look. It's very elegant and this particular flowy piece is great for the summer time.

Playsuits are such a lovely piece. Is it a top and shorts? A dress? A jumpsuit? Its everything combined and they are a great to wear as they can be styled in various ways. They can also have nice little details, like this particular one has a draped look and some lace on the back panels which is a bit more revealing but classy at the same time. These circular glasses give the outfit that extra edgy feel to it.

Everyone knows how to rock an all blacked out outfit. Why not choose an item that has some detailing to it. Lace is always a nice feature and together with this sheer material makes it great for layering. 

Basics are definitely a staple. They are great for layering but also just as great on their own too as a simple outfit. They can be accessorized like how I done here with this flower crown and some jewellery.

Jumpsuits a are a tricky one, as it is an outfit that will definitely make you stand out, especially if it's an all lace one like the one here, not to mention the colour. Have something in your wardrobe that is out of your comfort zone and just have fun with it.

This dress is one that has the lace, the frills, the nude colour and that feminine look. I like having pieces that you can dress up and down. Add some high top trainers and rock it casually or slip on a blazer and some heals and look fashionably sophisticated.

Bralets and high waisted shorts, giving that festival look. It's okay sometimes to show off some body, be comfortable in your skin and enjoy the sun. High waisted shorts are a really nice look and go great with crop tops too.

I love shirt dresses. You can easily just throw on a pair of tights or leggings and your good to go. It's an easy casual look, but you can also wear some heals and put a belt around your waist and you have a different look. It's such a simple outfit that it's nice when it comes in different prints like this camouflage print so it's more eye catching.

A playsuit that can be worn on a night out or just casually out to eat, it's nice having outfits that are versatile. I love the draped elegant feel to it. Outfits with a drawstring or some cinching at the waist are great for showing some subtle shape.

I hope you enjoyed this post as I had fun writing it and looking back at some of the outfits I styled. Each outfit has a direct link to the blog post I had created for that look, so if you want a more in depth description of where I got each item from e.t.c. then take a look. Capturing your outfits through imagery are a great way to keep track of your style and fashion sense. Photographs can last a lifetime and they are memories and inspiration for yourself and others. Social Print Studio have a great selection of different ways of developing your images especially your Instagram ones. From the simplified square image, to photo books and panoramic prints.

Check out their social media:

Genie xo

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