21 April 2016

H&M Spring Lookbook 2016 [Video]

Hey Guys!

I wanted to share some outfits that I put together for a Spring Lookbook. All these items are from H&M of course. Some of these items you might have seen in my recent H&M Haul which featured some new season and sale items. 

Alexander Wang x H&M Jersey: Was not available to purchase. See blog post blow.

Check out my lookbook video on my YouTube Channel, I hope you enjoy it. 
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Genie xo

6 April 2016

WoWigs Virgin Malaysian Curly Hair Initial Review & Unboxing | Aliexpress [Video]

Hey Dolls,

This post is going to be about some curly hair that I have recently purchased and I am currently loving. This is my first time wearing curly hair so it is a new experience for me. This is why I wanted to do an initial review and unboxing to share with you all, and then later on down the line I will do a full review. This is hair is the Malaysian Curly from WoWigs Virgin Hair Boutique on Aliexpress. It came in a cute pink box with purple bows on the bundles.

Hair: 7A WoWigs Virgin Malaysian Curly Hair
Length: 22", 24", 26" (Stretched Lengths)

Use the discount code: 03EM12CW
To get $5 off your first order from WoWigs on AliExpress
Message them and provide the code to inform them to change the price before you pay!

I am wearing the hair in a sewin and have done the flip over method so there is no closure or leave out, just my edges. I haven't experienced much tangling or shedding unless I co-wash, and even then it is not a lot. For a more in depth explanation and to see how it moves e.t.c. please watch my review on my YouTube Channel: IamGenie

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- WoWigs Info -

This video is of me co-washing some curly hair extensions before I installed them. Any hair that you buy online I would advise for you to wash, as you never know what type of conditions they were in before you got your hands on them. A lot of hair that claims to be virgin still might have some chemical processing done to them, like dyes for example. Some hair also have a smell, so it's just best if you wash any hair, to get rid of anything that may be on it as well as to keep it soft and moisturised.

This hair didn't have a smell and when washing no colour or dirt ran out of it. I didn't use any shampoo, just conditioner. The hair is already soft but it's good to use a moisturising conditioner to penetrate the hair. For the sake of this video I only showed me washing two bundles instead of the three as you just repeat the same process. After washing you can apply some leave in conditioner whilst it's damp, which will help it not to dry out. You can use the Herbal Essence as one, I have also started to use 'Cantu Leave In Conditioner' which is really good. Then I seal it with some 'Argon Oil of Morocco Serum' mentioned in my initial review, which I love as it makes it look sleek and shiny. Keep a look out for the tips I mention throughout the video.

Hope you enjoyed this post!

Genie xo
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