15 August 2016

Summer Lookbook 2016 [Video]

Hey Dolls,

My Summer Lookbook consists of three outfits that are quite simple and styled with a few accessories. Outfit details are below, as well as the video to this Looknook on my YouTube Channel, take a look!


Crop Top - New Look

Everything Else - H&M


Sandals - Primark

Everything Else - H&M


Sandals - Primark

Everything Else - H&M


Gold Metallic Temporary Tattoo - Ebay
Purple Charm Bracelet - Selfridges
Watch - Sekonda

Check out my lookbook video on my YouTube Channel, I hope you enjoy it. 
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(Unfortunately I had to make a new YouTube channel as I was having some technical difficulties with the other one which could not be resolved. So I would love it if you could subscribe to my new one, all the support is appreciated!)

Genie xo


  1. Look #3 is definetely my favorite! You have a perfect body!
    Inspiration and greetings from MissGrey.ro

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